The MBAA is a not-for-profit association founded to promote and advocate for business and general aviation interests within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  We understand and give voice to the needs and interests of corporate flight departments of major corporations as well as those of individual aircraft owners.  The MBAA addresses and responds to the full range of issues impacting the business and general aviation community within Massachusetts including safety, security, operational effectiveness, community and government relations, and environmental concerns.

Our members include some of the largest corporations and employers in Massachusetts.  These companies use corporate aircraft — including pistons, turboprops, bizjets, and helicopters, whether owned or chartered — to accelerate their businesses.  MBAA also embraces support organizations, such as those that train new pilots and mechanics, sell and maintain avionics, provide ground support services such as fuel and catering, and many others. Individual aircraft owners who fly for both business and personal reasons are also members of our association.

Taken together, these companies and individuals have a tremendous impact on the Massachusetts economy.  They all belong to the MBAA because we provide them with the latest information and advocacy on issues affecting their ability to fly to, from, and within Massachusetts safely and productively.

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You may reach Dave Richter at 617-820-5268